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Monday’s makeup game with the Orioles and Tuesday’s Jayson Werth Gnome Night against the Mets were both sellouts, marking just the fifth time in Nationals Park history that the Nationals have sold out consecutive games. The home fans — at least those who cared more about seeing Washington extend its NL East lead over the Braves than a fun figurine — went home somewhat disappointed both nights.

“Unfortunately we weren’t able to get a win for them,” Werth said of the Nats fans who packed the stadium for his giveaway. “A night like [Tuesday], when it’s your giveaway, you’ve got a bobblehead or a gnome or whatever, you’d like to perform a little better than I did. So I feel bad about that, and obviously the loss hurts a little. Hopefully we can win the next two games and win the series.”

Losing in front of large crowds has become a trend for the Nationals over the last two seasons. The Nationals have played before home crowds in excess of 40,000 seven times this season and are 1-6 in those games. Last season, Washington was 1-4 in such games, and 1-6 in its seven most-attended home games.

My sense is that is more a statistical anomaly than a sign of performance anxiety among Werth and his teammates, but I found it interesting nonetheless.


Friday, April 4 – Attendance: 42,834
Lost to Braves, 2-1

Monday, August 4 – 42, 181
Lost to Orioles, 7-3

Friday, July 4 -41, 274
Lost to Cubs, 7-2

Saturday, May 17 – 41,225
Lost to Mets, 5-2

Saturday, April 19 – 41,084
Lost to Cardinals, 4-3

Tuesday, August 5 – 40,686
Lost to Mets, 6-1

Saturday, June 21 – 40,667
Defeated Braves, 3-0


Monday, April 1 -45,274
Defeated Marlins, 2-0

Saturday, April 13 – 41,992
Lost to Braves, 3-1

Saturday, July 20 – 41,816
Lost to Dodgers, 3-1

Saturday, June 8 – 41,587
Lost to Twins, 4-3

Monday, May 27 – 41,260
Lost to Orioles, 6-2

Sunday, April 14 – 39,389
Lost to Braves, 9-0

Sunday, June 23 – 39,307
Lost to Rockies, 7-6

Including the postseason, the Nationals were 6-7 in front of home crowds of greater than 40,000 in 2012.

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