Earlier this week, maps of the most hated professional sports teams by state, as determined by an unscientific survey of Reddit users, made the rounds. While the surveying methods were imperfect, the results made sense for the most part. It’s entirely believable, for instance, that the Nationals are the most hated baseball team in the Braves-loving states of Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.

The map of the most hated college football teams by state — the latest in the series — is a lot more befuddling. Perhaps no state’s apparent hatred for a college football team is more surprising than Vermont, which, according to the survey, despises Maryland. (Maryland hates Michigan, which bodes well for their budding Big Ten rivalry, while Virginia hates Virginia Tech.)

Is there a rift between Ben & Jerry’s and the University of Maryland Dairy that we don’t know about? Are Vermonters bitter that Mike Lonergan left for GW and taking it out on the Terps football team?

The raw data reveals that, of the roughly 8,000 responses to the survey, 21 respondents indicated that they lived in Vermont and 17 respondents — from all states — listed Maryland as the college football team that they hate the most.

Even after removing apparent “stuffed votes,” Vermont still hates Maryland more than any other college football team.

Stay tuned for the next map, which will reveal Wyoming’s burning hatred for Towson basketball.

UPDATE: Vermonters don’t actually hate Maryland.

Thanks to SB Nation for sharing.