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In honor of its 60th anniversary, Sports Illustrated is asking readers to help decide its most iconic cover of all-time. SI selected 32 iconic covers (out of more than 3,000) and randomly created 16 first-round matchups, which will be decided by reader’s votes.

The June 30, 1986 cover of Len Bias that was published after the former Maryland star’s tragic death of a cocaine overdose is in the field, which also includes covers depicting the Miracle on Ice, Hank Aaron’s 715th home run, Dwight Clark’s catch and other much happier moments. You can read Jack McCallum’s powerful cover story about Bias here.

Bias’ haunting “Death of a Dream” cover is paired against a cover from August 1984 featuring Olympic gymnastics hero Mary Lou Retton, and, as of this writing, it’s losing the vote. The first round ends Monday.

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This less depressing cover of two other local college hoops legends did not make the cut.