Bryce Harper got ’em talking again late Saturday and early Sunday morning, dragging his foot through the Braves logo behind home place before his first at-bat in Atlanta.

Braves fans booed him during his approach to the plate each time he was up, and many saw the foot-dragging as a deliberate response.

“Harper, now [in] two at-bats has done the same thing as he makes his way to the left-hand batters box,” Atlanta’s television play-by-play man said during Harper’s second at-bat. “Watch what he does when he gets to the ‘A’ behind home plate.”

“Just endears himself to more Braves fans,” quipped the color man.

The Braves broadcast then showed a slow-motion replay of Harper’s foot drag, but it was obviously the first at-bat, since there was no one on base at the time. (There were men on first and third for his second at-bat.)

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution went one further, reporting that Harper did the maneuver three times:

The Nationals outfielder dragged his foot across the Braves emblem in the dirt behind home plate – in a clearly intentional move – in each of his first three trips to the batter’s box in Saturday night’s game against the Braves.
Harper has been roundly booed in each plate appearance during the series. He apparently chose to take the lack of southern hospitality out on the Georgia clay. He kicked at the Braves’ ‘A’ emblem on his way into the left-hand batter’s box once, twice and three times.

The television broadcast disagreed, with the play-by-play man saying “no ‘A’ desecration from Harper this time,” before the third at-bat.

And the team’s official Twitter account even got involved, although it never mentioned Harper’s name.

This being 2014, Harper

was asked

talked about the incident after the game.

Update: Here’s Harper’s full comment on the incident, offered to reporters when he heard from a team staffer after the game that this had become a thing. Reporters had been asking Harper about his thumb, and he brought up the logo affair.

“That’s the last thing on my mind when I’m walking up to the plate. I really had no idea,” Harper said. “When [a team staffer] came up to me, I had no clue that I did anything. Seriously, that’s the last thing on my mind going to face Harang or Kimbrel or somebody like that. I had no idea why that was such a big deal. Of course, that’s the last thing on my mind.”

But Braves fans, predictably, lost it online. Let’s stick to the PG-rated stuff. Obviously you could multiply this ten-fold, if you wanted.

Will this make it to ESPN’s debate shows? Well, you tell me.