(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Friday was #TweetLikeOviDay, a silly holiday created by the funny folks at Russian Machine Never Breaks to celebrate Capitals star Alex Ovechkin’s silly style of tweeting. Why Friday? Because Friday was August 8th (8/8), Ovechkin wears No. 8 and #TweetLikeAlbertBelleDay never really became a thing, sadly.

How exactly does one tweet like Ovi? Maria Kirilenko provided a perfect demonstration when she joined in the fun last year and demonstrated mastery of her ex-fiancé’s liberal use of ‘hahahas’ and close parentheses.

 Kirilenko didn’t participate this year for obvious reasons, but many others did, including Ovechkin himself.

It’s a long time ’til the next #TweetLikeOviDay, so maybe we can celebrate #TweetLikeMartellWebsterDay next month and #Tweet#Like#R#G#3#Day in October. Mark your calendars.