(By Kevin Liles/Getty Images)

Before we bid farewell to the story of Bryce Harper’s assault on the Braves’ dirt, let’s listen in as the Atlanta radio team of Jim Powell and Mark Lemke discuss the incident. This came during Harper’s first at-bat Sunday night; the baseball descriptions have been edited out.

Powell: And now we’ll watch Bryce Harper walk up to the batters box. And he goes carefully, directly to the plate, and steps across that, which is pretty unusual, and then around to the left-hand batters box. But he avoids that little ‘A’ behind the home plate area in the dirt that jumped up out of the dirt yesterday and attacked his foot. Did you see that? He was attacked by a little ‘A.’

Lemke: Yeah, he missed it. He didn’t even see it.

Powell: This time he stayed well away. Like you would from a rabid dog.

Lemke: Well I see they got him in left field and boy, the fans are really on him.

Powell: I can’t tell what they’re [chanting].

Lemke: I can’t either.

Powell: ‘Harper’ something.

Lemke: Well, he’s certainly not making any friends here at Turner Field.

Powell: He hasn’t made too many friends anywhere I’ve seen, that I’ve noticed.

Lemke: That’s a good point.

Powell: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player do something quite like that, where you try to wipe out the ‘A.’ I mean, all teams do it. They’ve got little symbols on the field, and stuff on the mound. I think in Washington, don’t they have a ‘W’ on the mound. A ‘Curly W,’ as they call it? I don’t know. Who knows what was motivating him. I’m not going to try to mind read.

Lemke: Well, I mean, he told everybody, if you do believe his answer, that he had no idea there was even an ‘A’ there.

Powell: Oh, I believe him.

Lemke: Sounds like it.

Powell: That would be known as a clown answer, bro.

Lemke: Yeah. There you go.