(Mel Evans / AP)

Not that you needed reminding, but Dale Earnhardt Jr. remains about the biggest Redskins fans you will find.

After his recent win at Pocono, for example, he was asked to name his simple joys. The Redskins finished second, only behind his girlfriend.

“Amy, the Redskins, my family, drinking a cold beer,” Earnhardt answered. “There’s a lot of ’em right now.”

So it makes sense that Earnhardt tweeted excitedly about the start of preseason games last week.

And then, after Washington’s win over New England, he appeared on PTI. He was there to talk NASCAR, but the NFL thing came up again.

“It’s hard to know what to learn from those games, but one of the things you can see is these rookies, like [Lache] Seastrunk and all those guys,” Earnhardt said, becoming the first national pundit to discuss Lache Seastrunk’s preseason NFL debut. “When they get out there, how are they going to act — and react — on the field? What kind of field presence will these rookies have? So it was great to see some of those guys that are trying to make the team get out there and try to make something happen.

“And you know they’re playing against the second and third defenses, but still, you can get a sense of a guy’s field presence and really how he handles himself out there in that bright spotlight,” Earnhardt continued. “I saw a lot of good things. I know you don’t want to take too much away from the preseason, but those positional battles, those guys trying to get on that team man, that’s a lot of fun to watch. And you also get to learn so much more  about the depth, and we’ll see that in the next couple weeks.”

Seastrunk, you’ll recall, got his first carry early in the fourth quarter. That means Dale Earnhardt Jr. — like you, probably, and like me, sadly — was watching the fourth quarter of a preseason opener, and actually paying attention.

“You sound like [Ron Jaworski],” Tony Kornheiser marveled.

“Well, I just follow them as much as I can,” Earnhardt said. “I used to get all my information from an RSS reader packed full of Redskins stuff. Anything that was ever written about the Redskins, it would pop up immediately and I could read it. But now with Twitter, I mean, I’ve learned so much with that, and you get it right on the fly.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. watches the fourth quarter of preseason Redskins games and migrated from an RSS reader to Twitter for his NFL news. He really is just like you.