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Things went poorly on the field for D.C. United on Saturday night in Salt Lake City: Three goals-against in 13 minutes, a 3-0 loss, the team’s first losing streak in five months, and “the poorest performance of an otherwise uplifting season,” according to Steven Goff.

Eddie Johnson — whose season has included an apology to teammates for comments comparing his new team with his old, and a suspension for a reckless challenge — was the target of much of the fan ire during that disastrous first half. Again, via Goff:

On this miserable night, United lacked only a red card — and that should have come before halftime when Eddie Johnson, in a moment of frustration and petulance after committing a foul, intentionally slammed the ball at the fallen opponent, Carlos Salcedo. He was fortunate to receive just a yellow card. The MLS disciplinary committee will not look kindly on Johnson’s actions and could issue a suspension.

Now, angry fans can write some mean things in the heat of the moment, and that seems to have happened on Saturday night. Johnson’s response, though, was a textbook example of how not to engage with angry fans of your own team.

For example, to this:

Johnson replied this.

(Via @porquejorge)
(Via @porquejorge)


In response to the Harper/RGIII comment, Johnson also wrote “hustle lol. How about quality. You [expletives] have no soccer brains.”

Johnson also responded approvingly to a suggestion that United trade him.

He told another fan to stop rooting for the team.

(Via @porquejorge)
(Via @porquejorge)


Clearly, some of the fans who were writing to him were being highly profane as well. The only way this likely could have ended well was for Johnson to refuse to engage.

Johnson later deleted several of his responses to the fans. Here’s a Storify with some more of the conversation, via Black & Red United.

(Via @porquejorge)