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Adam LaRoche has been something of the front man for the Nats’ annual Faith Day celebration, which will be held Sept. 6 at Nats Park.

“My teammates and myself are gonna get to get up and share our faith a little bit,” he says in the video promoting the event. “So please come join us and [we] look forward to seeing you out at the park.”

In addition to special pricing, the promotional material promises “a special presentation of Nationals players testimonials and a FREE Postgame Concert featuring contemporary Christian musician Lincoln Brewster!”

Which is all pretty standard fare. As, I suppose, is LaRoche’s letter to local Christian clergy members inviting them to bring their flocks to Nats Park.

The fun part is that LaRoche’s letter also wound up being mailed to Reader Zack, who received it last week.

“It’s a form letter from Adam LaRoche inviting me to bring my parishioners to Faith Day on September 6th,” Zack noted in an e-mail. “I imagine that I am not the intended target of this mailing, as I am not a pastor. Also, I’m Jewish — most assuredly not a ‘follower of Christ.’ Know of anyone else randomly receiving this?”

I dunno. Did anyone else get it? Here’s an excerpt:

Dear Nationals Fans,

My name is Adam LaRoche and I play First Base for the Washington Nationals Baseball Club. I’ve asked the front office of the Nationals to send out a letter to local pastors letting them know about a faith event at Nationals Park that a couple of us players are hosting. My hope is that this event will give local believers an easy, fun, and affordable opportunity to come out together and be encouraged in their faith.

The event will be on Saturday, September 6 directly following our 4:05 p.m. game vs. the Phillies. We will have a concert by contemporary Christian musician, Lincoln Brewster, and I will be joined by some friends (Denard Span, Ian Desmond, etc.) in sharing our personal Christian testimonies right on the field.

As a follower of Christ, I think this event presents an exceptional opportunity for believers to invite friends & family to hear about the gospel in a unique setting. My hope is fathers and sons, families, small groups, men’s ministries, and many other groups at your church will find this a great opportunity for outreach and relationship building.

I hope to demonstrate that there is a supportive community for an event like this, which requires some investment to pull off, in order for it to continue in the future. So I ask you to join me in attending and reaching out to other pastors, congregations and friends to drive awareness about Faith Day, so that we as a Christian community can make sure that events like this continue for years to come.


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