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The Redskins now have their own YouTube video about the team name


In the lead-up to last winter’s Super Bowl, the National Congress of American Indians released a YouTube video urging Washington to change the name of its NFL franchise.

Set to a catchy instrumental, and featuring images of many Native Americans, the two-minute video took off, earning well more than 3 million views and eventually landing on television during the NBA playoffs.

Well, this week the Redskins released their own video about the team name. Set to a catchy instrumental, and featuring many images of Native Americans, the two-minute video quotes a variety of Native Americans who say that they aren’t bothered by — or that they like — the team name.

Many of the people quoted are from Rocky Boy’s Reservation in Montana, which has received an influx of money from the team in recent weeks.

The two videos are both below. The first feels like an almost direct response to the second.