(Via the Browns Web site)


There are a limited number of first-round-draft-pick Heisman-Trophy-winning quarterbacks from Texas who have spent or will spend their rookie seasons in the NFL under Kyle Shanahan as their offensive coordinator.

Two men who do fit that category — Robert Griffin III and Johnny Manziel — happened to be in the same place at the same time over the summer, shooting a commercial. So yeah, they talked.

“We talked a little bit at the Heisman House commercial over the summer in Los Angeles,” Manziel told Cleveland reporters this week. “We were sitting there in between takes just kind of talking about the reads, going through the offense, some stuff. He obviously went through a whole [two years] with Kyle, so just little things on how Kyle was through the year, game-planning, getting ready for the games, and kind of the things he liked and disliked. I mean, there’s certain plays that are really a staple of this offense that I got a chance to ask him about as well.”

Griffin, naturally, was also asked about Shanahan and Manziel with Monday night’s matchup against Cleveland looming. Via the Insider:

“I know him okay. We’re part of the Nissan Heisman House together,” [Griffin] said. “I’ve had a chance to talk to him, but my job’s not to compare. Anybody who wants to compare, I’m sure they’ll just look at us and say both of us are real fast, guys that can play backyard football at times. But, we both want to win, and I think every quarterback in the league wants to win football games.”…

Griffin said he didn’t know if he and Shanahan would address each other prior to the game, but he added that he wouldn’t try to avoid his former coordinator.

“It’s not that type of relationship where we wouldn’t talk. If I get a chance to see him, and talk to him, yeah I definitely will,” Griffin said.

And Manziel said it would be “cool” to play against Griffin, even if it’s only the preseason.

“Obviously another Heisman Trophy winner, a guy that I’ve got to know a little bit through some Heisman functions and stuff,” Manziel said. “And I think being a Texas guy, it’s obviously cool when you’re playing against somebody from the state of Texas who grew up playing Texas high school football and then playing in a school in the state of Texas.

“When you look at RGIII, I think he’s an excellent player, a guy who was a little banged up last year,” Manziel said. “But we’ll see. Hopefully this year he can get back to the form of what he was doing as a rookie. But I’m obviously a big fan; [he’s] a guy that’s gonna be fun being out on the field with, that likes to extend some plays with his legs similar to what I do. But he played in this offense, so that’s another thing that matches up as well. But I think he’s an excellent young quarterback.”