(Via Gatorade)

Three weeks ago, Bryce Harper surprised students at Anacostia High with a renovated locker room in partnership with Gatorade. Since then, Gatorade has offered fans a virtual tour of Harper’s own “locker.”

“Bryce’s digital locker room experience was shot earlier this year,” a Gatorade spokesperson said in an e-mail. “The locker featured on the Gatorade site was drawn from inspiration not only from Bryce’s real locker, but also Bryce’s playful personality.”

Clicking on an item in Harper’s virtual locker loads a video of the Nationals outfielder explaining its meaning. For example:

Photo of Harper’s Dog

“So right here, this is Swag. He’s an absolute beast. He just loves to play, has a mentality of his own. When you need a buddy, he’s just right there, so it’s a lot of fun to have him around.”


Nationals Helmet

“So as you know, I play for the Washington Nationals. To be able to play in a place like that, which is so monumental and has so many things there, to play in a town like that is something special. We have a lot of great fans and they come out and support us every single night. It’s a blessing to play in a place like that.”

Fire Extinguisher

“So that right there is a fire extinguisher because I play with my hair on fire every night.”

(Via Gatorade)

Gatorade Recovery Whey Protein Bar

“Gatorade’s got recovery…down to a science.”

(Via Gatorade)

I wouldn’t put it past Harper to keep a fire extinguisher in his locker, if only to fend off scouts with hot takes about him being traded, but he doesn’t.

“While many items featured are things you would find in his Nationals locker (ex: the Gatorade Recover Whey Protein Bar) other items were added as a fun nod to Bryce’s sense of humor (ex: the fire extinguisher),” a Gatorade spokesperson wrote.

Thanks to @kyle_mace and @ianoland.