(By Nick Wass / AP)

Joe Theismann isn’t the only prominent analyst saying Kirk Cousins has outplayed Robert Griffin III this month.

After Saturday night’s practice game against the Ravens, Herm Edwards was blunt in his assessment, both on ESPN and — the next morning — on ESPN Radio.

“Right now I think the problem you have, if you closed your eyes and you didn’t know who was wearing those numbers, Kirk Cousins is playing quarterback more efficiently than Robert Griffin is,” Edwards said. “And that’s just the truth. I’m not saying Robert Griffin shouldn’t be the starter. But Kirk Cousins to me has a little bit more pocket presence, he has outstanding instincts, he [slides] under pressure, he has nice compact throws, he’s always in balance it seems to me when pressure occurs.

“So he’s more efficient with the offense,” Edwards said. “Robert is trying to learn the offense, stay in the pocket. At times you can see him wanting to leave, but he’s hanging in there. But [Saturday] night wasn’t a good night for him. It wasn’t a good night for the offense, to be quite honest. And then Kirk Cousins comes in, has a couple nice drives. And if you look at it and you didn’t know who was who and you took numbers off the jerseys and said who was the best player right now playing quarterback, well, it would be Kirk Cousins.”

Incidentally, I’m pretty sure I would be able to tell RGIII and Cousins apart even if they took the numbers off their jerseys. Also, if I closed my eyes, I think I would have a hard time figuring out which man was playing better.

Others in the television analysis business were less willing to judge Griffin.