(David Richard / AP)

The Rams and Redskins — who joined forces on the blockbuster 2012 trade that brought Robert Griffin III to Washington — will be compared for years, for that obvious reason. St. Louis is 14-17-1 since the trade. The Redskins are 13-19, but with a division title and playoff appearance.

And now, both teams are hearing much talk about Kirk Cousins from their fans. Washington can’t seem to avoid persistent Cousins discussion, while St. Louis is getting its fair share of Cousins chatter after Sam Bradford’s season-ending injury.

Still, the Rams are built to dominate using Redskin picks. Don’t believe me? Check out what Rams GM Les Snead has written in his office, according to SI’s Peter King:

There is a saying on the whiteboard in Rams general manager Les Snead’s office. “Build to dominate using Redskin picks!” it reads. The Rams made the mega-trade with Washington in 2012 that allowed their NFC neighbor to draft Robert Griffin III. The Rams, meanwhile, thought they had their quarterback of the future, and didn’t draft one until the sixth round this year in SMU’s Garrett Gilbert. And now those picks are gone.

And neither team seems set to dominate. Unless they make another trade. Then domination is neigh.