Jesus Cruz was surprised to learn that Instagram photos of his latest creation — a haircut depicting Homer Simpson wearing a Robert Griffin III jersey in front of a Redskins logo — had started to make the Internet rounds on various sites after they were shared on Twitter last night.

“That was something I just put together on Monday,” Cruz, who runs Cruz Cutz Barbershop in Moline, Ill., told me. “I saw a picture of Homer Simpson saluting like RGIII does and just incorporated a jersey on there. I mean, ‘The Simpsons’ are running all day right now on FX and football is about to start, so the timing was perfect.”

Cruz has lived in Illinois his entire life, but he grew up a Redskins fan because his dad was a fan of the team. Cruz said he suggested the Homer-RGIII mashup to a friend whose hair he experiments with regularly.

“He’s one of my favorite canvases,” said Cruz, who has been cutting hair since 2005 and opened his barbershop in 2011. “It took about an hour and 45 minutes. I had to do two designs in one. That was a little tougher, but it came out sweet.”

And how much would a haircut like that cost if, say, Kirk Cousins was in the market for a trim?

“It really depends on how long it takes me,” Cruz said. “That one would probably be $65 or more.”

(I would’ve guessed a lot more.)

Cruz has done Redskins-themed haircuts before, including one of Griffin last year.

One of Cruz’s favorite designs is based on the movie “Up.”

“I managed to get all three characters on there,” he said. “That one was probably the most time-consuming, but [the Homer-RGIII haircut] is up there.”

Thanks to @recordsANDradio.