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Daniel Snyder doesn’t do e-mail

(By Patrick Semansky / AP)

Chick Hernandez’s interview with Dan Snyder already made news, when Comcast SportsNet released a clip in which Snyder talks about his plans for a new stadium.

But here’s even more shocking news, also via Hernandez: Dan Snyder does not do e-mail.

Hernandez broke that little nugget during an appearance with the Junkies to promote his full Snyder interview, a 30-minute special that will debut Sept. 1 at 6:30. Snyder was talking about how Snyder still considers himself friends with ex-employees like Mike Shanahan, Marty Schottenheimer and Steve Spurrier, all of whom departed Ashburn under a cloud of public scrutiny.

“I think that the owner of the team isn’t always aware of everything,” Hernandez said Thursday morning. “We might assume it, but he’s not aware of everything that goes on. He doesn’t do social network stuff. He doesn’t have e-mail. So you’re talking about a guy who doesn’t see all of that.”

“How can he not have e-mail?” Eric Bickel interjected. “That’s impossible to believe.”

And indeed, it kind of is.

“No e-mail,” Hernandez said again. “He’s Howard Hughes, dude. He’s one of those guys.”

This still seemed too absurd to believe (sorry Chick), but a team spokesman confirmed to me that Snyder does not, in fact, have e-mail.

(You’ll recall that just last summer, Shanahan said that he, too, does not do e-mail.)

(Not all owners in town are opposed to sending e-mails. Area writers who cover professional hockey or basketball might be able to confirm that for you.)

In any case, the rest of Hernandez’s chat with Snyder — which was taped Wednesday at Redskins Park — covers topics including his thoughts on the team name, his maturation as an owner, and the tenures of Joe Gibbs and Shanahan. There will be an encore showing Sept. 1 at 9:30, with additional clips available online.