(Via Navy Athletics)

When the Navy football team unveiled its new standard home and away Under Armour uniforms earlier this month, there was word that the Midshipmen would wear “special, one-time” uniforms for their season opener Saturday against Ohio State in Baltimore. The one-time uniforms, inspired by Navy’s Summer Whites military uniform, were revealed Thursday and they are indeed special.

Via the school release:

From a helmet directly inspired by the covers that the Mids wear to a gold belt buckle, no detail was left out. Additionally, the Mids will be wearing solid white cleats that represent the all-white dress shoes of the Summer Whites military uniform, as well as all-white gloves.

The coolest part of the Summer Whites unis? Players will wear their specific ranks on their shoulders and pant legs. More from the release:

Freshmen will be wearing uniforms that only have the anchor on the shoulder and pant leg, but no stripes, while sophomores will have one diagonal stripe. Juniors will have two diagonal stripes and seniors will have one parallel stripe. Navy captains Noah Copeland and Parrish Gaines will wear a star and three parallel stripes, the rank of a midshipmen lieutenant.

Check out a full gallery of the uniforms, including a look at the charging goat undershirt, here.