Jon Gruden was at Washington’s preseason finale on Thursday night in Tampa, and apparently he was predicting Jay Gruden’s play calls before they happened.

Late in the third quarter, wide receiver Aldrick Robinson caught a short pass from Colt McCoy and took it for 19 yards and a first down. And as soon as the play was over, Chris Cooley started talking.

“I had a nice chance to visit with Jon Gruden last night, and he’s a great guy, and he’s very excited about his brother coaching this football team,” Cooley said on ESPN 980. “But one second before the ball was snapped, he texts me, ‘Watch for Dusty,’ which is the version of what he called that play in his offense. He called that play via text into my phone two seconds before the ball was snapped.”

“That’s great service,” Larry Michael pointed out.

“I’m not kidding you,” Cooley said.

“That’s  great cellular service,” Michael said. “He knows his brother.”

As it turns out, ‘Dusty’ is a play that Jon Gruden likes to talk about.

The Louisville Courier-Journal wrote up Gruden’s encounter with Teddy Bridgewater for his ESPN ‘QB Camp’ series:

Gruden then looked into Bridgewater’s “mental background” – how he broke down a play called “72/73 Dusty ‘X’ Indy.” Bridgewater explained to Gruden his progressions and how he reads the defense’s coverage.

And’s Mike Sando similarly wrote about Gruden’s meeting with Johnny Manziel for the same series:

“We don’t have to go for the home run every play; second-and-3 is OK,” Gruden told Sando. “Manziel needs to learn that. The way I made that point to him was through a play called “72 Dusty X Individual” (or “73 Dusty X Individual,” depending on the protection). “Dusty” stands for double under when we’ve got two receivers running underneath routes on the trips side of the formation. And then, we have the “X” receiver on the back side. I saw A&M run it probably 25 or 30 times. Everyone in the NFL runs it. I know how to read it. That is common ground, so I can evaluate off it.

So Jon Gruden is really fond of talking about ‘Dusty.’ But he also has pretty decent insight into his brother’s offense.

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