A few weeks after he was drafted by the Redskins, Robert Griffin III — via Thr3escompany LLC —
submitted applications to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for trademarks on RGIII, RG3, Robert Griffin III, and Unbelievably Believable.

Before the end of that year, Thr3escompany submitted applications for more trademarks, including “Go Catch Your Dream,” “Light You Up,” “Work Hard Stay Humble,” “No Pressure No Diamonds,” and “Dream Big Live Bigger.” He even ran into some opposition from off-road motorcycle parts maker RG3.

Griffin, though, has never been above laughing at himself. And thus, this spot — featuring Marcus Allen, Tony Dorsett, Ricky Williams, Billy Sims, and John David Crow — making fun of Griffin’s trademarking craze. Which comes, of course, in an advertisement for Nissan. There’s something meta going on here. But I think I don’t mind it!

By the way, when reviewing my past items on the RGIII trademarks, I noticed something: Thr3escompany this offseason submitted a trademark for RGIII’s logo.

(Via the USPTO)