(By Frank Franklin II / AP)

Sports blogging protocol requires that I transcribe every comment by a local athlete decrying modernity, up to and including newfangled stats, social media sites, e-readers, mobile ticketing, fantasy football leagues that require electronic payment, and indoor plumbing.

Thus, even though Kevin Frandsen gave a very nice interview to 106.7 The Fan on Tuesday in which he promoted the 19 For Life Foundation, which honors the legacy of his brother, let me quickly go straight to Frandsen’s closing thoughts.

This came when Grant Paulsen asked how the Nats managed to drop three in Philadelphia and then go to Seattle and absolutely hammer Felix Hernandez. Is that just baseball, Paulsen asked?

“I am SO glad you said that, because it is true,” Frandsen said. “It’s baseball. It’s what the best part about it is. All the sabermetric-whatever-crap that you guys, [that] people talk about, you can throw that out the window, because it’s baseball. You get someone hot, you get someone not, whatever, it happens.

“Our team’s awesome,” Frandsen went on. “We grind it out. It says a lot about what we did, going to Philly, losing all three, going to Seattle, having a chance to lose four in a row, facing Felix and to do what we did against one of the best pitchers — if not THE best pitcher in the game. And it’s a testament to our team, just what we have going together, and how we play together. And we play for one goal, and that’s to win that day. Not win tomorrow; win today. And I feel like we’re doing that exceptionally well. So we’ve got to keep it going, and hopefully Nats fans are enjoying it.”

That was actually pretty mild, as these things go. Also, Frandsen gets eternal credit for diagramming the basketball plays the Nats use in the dugout with batting helmets after home runs. He’s all right by me.