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The Madden GIF generator classifies ‘Rice’ as an illegal word

The Madden 15 Giferator lets users say all sorts of silly things, but it doesn’t want them to say “Ray Rice.”
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The folks at Google and EA Sports teamed up to drop an amazing time-waster on the Internet Thursday: The Madden 15 Giferator. The Giferator allows anyone to create a GIF using their language with certain pre-set players from each team, plus a choice of four backgrounds.

Needless to say, the Internet was only too happy to drop everything and make merry with the new toy.

However, Twitter user Ian Oland noticed something interesting:

Indeed, in addition to the usual naughty words not allowed by the Giferator, it won’t let people type in the name of the Ravens running back currently suspended for domestic violence. Specifically, the Giferator lumps “Rice” in with “butt” and other such language — “Ray” gets through. But since Ray Rice is the only current NFL player with that last name, it is likely that someone along the way decided that the Baltimore veteran had caused the NFL enough embarrassment already.

By comparison, the name “Aldon Smith,” as in the 49ers linebacker who was just suspended nine games for violating NFL policies on substance abuse and personal conduct, is allowed. As is “Ray McDonald,” Smith’s teammate who was recently arrested on domestic violence charges after an altercation with his pregnant fiancee.

However, the attempt to classify Ray Rice’s name as an “Illegal use of words” was no match for at least one ingenious Twitter user.