(By Richard Lipski / AP)

New Redskins coach Jay Gruden is the kind of guy who seems to like everything, and that attitude transfers over to his musical tastes.

“What do you listen to?” Chick Hernandez asked Gruden over the summer.

“I listen to a little bit of everything,” Gruden said. “I listen to country music probably No. 1. A little bit of pop here and there — stay up to date with all the new stuff. I like to quote some of the hip hop lyrics from time to time. Some good stuff, I’m telling you.”

“To players?” Hernandez asked.

“Yeah,” Gruden confirmed. “They give you a look, and it registers with them later and they start laughing. ‘Did he just quote Gucci Mane?’ ”

In an ideal world, Gruden would have gone on to explain precisely which lyrics he’s quoted, and to whom. But we can always guess.

[Note: At this point, you were to have read a list of real Gucci Mane lyrics that Gruden might potentially have quoted to theoretical players. But they all were too profane. So just imagine him cursing a lot.]