In 2011, the Nats dressed their rookies like Smurfs. In 2012, the rookies dressed like Olympic gymnasts.

“I think some of the older guys, like Jayson [Werth], and Adam [LaRoche] and Ryan Zimmerman, those are the guys picking out the costumes and deciding the scene for the rookies,” Craig Stammen said last week. “I tend to stay out of that stuff. Maybe in five or six years when I reach their age level I’ll be the one picking out the costumes.”

Well, the costumes were picked for 2014, and they involved ballerina outfits. There’s a lot of coding here, and I’m going to just try not to think too much about going on. Anyhow, Kilgore wrote about it.

Inside the clubhouse, disco lights flashed and music blared and pretense vanished. Inside each rookie’s locker hung a ballerina’s leotard and tutu, to be worn for playful hazing on the team charter to Atlanta. “Am I putting this on the right way?” one rookie asked to no one in particular. “I think it’s on backwards.”

Thus far just one photograph has surfaced, via Jose Lobaton’s Instagram account. More are likely on the way.