I don’t think anyone had much doubt that DeSean Jackson would be on the field Sunday in Philadelphia, sprained AC joint or no sprained AC joint.

I mean, it’s still early, but you know, I say day-to-day,” Jackson said after the game. “Where I feel now, the pain has eased up a little bit. I look forward to coming back next week and playing.”

He was more definitive Monday, according to ex-teammate LeSean McCoy. The Eagles running back told Philadelphia’s WIP that he talked with Jackson on Monday, and the wide receiver left no doubt.

“I actually t alked to him today,” McCoy said Monday evening. “[He was] just talking about he seen the game last night and we looked good. A little bit of this and that.”

And did Jackson discuss his injury?

“He’s playing,” McCoy said. “He said he’s definitely playing. That’s the first thing he texted, he said ‘I’m playing.’ ”

McCoy said the Eagles have no animosity toward their ex-teammates, but Jackson is probably looking to get revenge on the Eagles organization. He also said he thinks Jackson misses being in Philly.

“Yeah. I do, I do,” McCoy said. “Who wouldn’t?…It’s like the small things, the places you may hang out, when you lose some tough games where do you go in the city?…There’s just so much. When you ask does he really miss it? Yeah, I think he misses it, because I would.”

But, against all odds, McCoy suggested that Philadelphia fans will not boo Jackson upon his return.

“I’m sure the crowds will cheer him on,” McCoy said. “I don’t think they’ll boo him….Hey, they didn’t boo McNabb. They didn’t boo McNabb. It’s tough. I don’t think they will boo him, but I think he’ll come out trying to play hard.”