A battle erupted inside the Post Sports office Wednesday morning, when we began discussing what a potential Nats-O’s World Series should be called.

(Before you say we’re getting ahead of ourselves, the point is that many people will refer to this possibility over the next few weeks. We want to have a standard way to refer to that potential series, even as a hypothetical.)

(Also, this debate is fun. Way more fun than Cousins vs. RGIII.)

(Also, don’t be a crank.)

The possibilities are endless. “Beltway Series” is probably the most popular choice, especially among non-critical thinkers who blithely ingest the mindless sludge fed to them by major national sports networks. The reason this doesn’t work is because there are two Beltways, and they don’t have much to do with each other, and so Beltways Series would make more sense, but that sounds stupid.


(I mean, Houston has a Beltway. Would an Astros-Nats series be a Beltway Series? Why not just call it a City Series? A Municipality Series? A Series Between Two Baseball Teams.)

So, to normal people, both “Beltway Series” and “Beltways Series” should be out. But I’ll admit that there are a lot of non-normal people out there.

The best choice, pretty clearly, is the Parkway Series. Via Dwight Holmes:

Maybe we should call this potential – and I repeat, potential – World Series matchup between the Nats and the O’s The Parkway Series. Unlike the Beltways, there is only one Parkway and it is the most direct route connecting Nats Park with Camden Yards.

But there are other suggestions. The I-95 Series. The MARC Series. The BWI Series. The MASN Series. The Battle of the Beltways. The McLouth Series. And on and on and on.

This, friends, is your chance to vote. See some of the arguments below.

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