British soccer analysts Roger Bennett and Michael Davies are ready for their close-up with “The Men in Blazers Show” set to debut Monday on NBC Sports Network. Bennett and Davies, who provided cheeky reports from Brazil throughout the World Cup, may bring some D.C. flair to their new gig. Both men, who wear blazers and talk about soccer, were influenced by the late, legendary D.C. sportscaster George Michael.

“The first thing we did upon signing a deal with NBC Sports was to work out a way to acquire the original signage from ‘The George Michael Sports Machine,’ ” Bennett wrote on the Men in Blazers blog. “Both Davo and I shared the same experience as Englishmen new to this country in the early 90s: to cast eyes upon George Michael was to glimpse the mechanics of everything that made America the world’s sole superpower.”

Bennett explained more about his adoration of Michael, who passed away in 2009, on his blog:

“Back then I had never watched the NHL, had no idea who Cal Ripken Jr. was and still did not yet fully understand Pat Riley’s hair, but the way George Michael narrated them completely sucked me in.  The man was completely at ease, both selling the fiction and being in on the joke.  He was the man I wanted to grow into.
Being a balding Englishman made that dream regrettably impossible, but when Men In Blazers signed with NBC, it was George we both thought about — and in fact emulated by building a “Sports Machine” of sorts in our studio from which our show would be controlled.  The man was a master of concept, polish, packaging, illusion, and above all, narrative, to whom Davo and I still genuflect today.”

Thanks to @wzzntzz.