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Pizza chain apologizes for using ‘wrong, offensive, and hurtful’ Redskins name

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Friday morning at 11:04, local pizza chain Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza sent out an e-mail with a Redskins-based promotion. “Redskins Score, You Score,” was the subject line.

Putting aside the question of whether Pete’s can rightly use the Redskins name in its advertising, the chain apparently got negative feedback about the promotion, which was promising discounts based on the number of touchdowns Washington scores.

So about six hours later, Pete’s sent out another e-mail, this one with the subject line “Follow Up to Our Last Email.” The text:

Hey there it’s Joel from Pete’s,
We sincerely apologize for the use of Washington’s football team’s name in our most recent email. We are listening to all of your feedback, and it was not our goal to offend any of our loyal customers.
We agree that the use of the name is wrong, offensive, and hurtful to all. In our future promotions and emails, we will make sure not to make the same mistake.
We thank you for your continued support of our business.

The note was signed by Joel Mehr, identified as the restaurant’s co-founder. Pete’s has four locations: in Silver Spring, Friendship Heights, Columbia Heights and Clarendon. And if some loyal customers were offended by the use of the Redskins name, I’m pretty sure that some loyal customers will also be miffed at the “wrong, offensive, and hurtful to all” retraction.

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