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Bryce Harper on hair pomade, and why his helmets fly off on the basepaths

(Via MLB Network)
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Bryce Harper last week made his first appearance on Intentional Talk, the light-hearted-y MLB Network program hosted by Chris Rose and Kevin Millar that many ballplayers watch in their clubhouses before games.

Harper said “Golllllly” several times on the program, which was fun. He also spoke on a few amusing-ish topics.

The tendency of his batting helmets to fall off on the basepaths

“Every time,” Harper agreed. “I mean, it comes off every time. Everybody always talks to me — yeah, you need to get a chin strap, or a littler helmet. I’ve tried a 7, I’ve tried a 7 1/8, I’ve tried a 7 3/4. I’ve tried every helmet in the league, I swear. I mean, all I need to do is try a catcher’s helmet. Get one of those full face masks and put that on. That would probably help me running into things, too, if I had the full face mask on there. That’d be perfect. Gollllly.”

Whether his slick hair is to blame

“I’m wondering that, too,” Harper said. “The stuff that I use is called Suavecito, so I mean, it’s a little slick up there. So if it’s a little too much, I need to stop using it, get back to that Murray’s. I mean, [Jayson Werth] uses Murray’s, and his stuff never falls off, so I need to start using that I guess.”

On Werth’s appearance

“I don’t even know what’s under that thing he’s got [on his face], or under his hair,” Harper said. “I mean, that’s scary stuff. He hasn’t washed his hair in probably the last month and a half, I’d say.”

On Millar’s frequent references to winning a World Series with the Red Sox

“You always talk about it, so everybody knows you won,” Harper said. “Golllly. I mean, I think you live in the past more than anybody I’ve known in my life. Holy crap. Golllly….Bro, we get it man. You won. Like, we got it. Do you go into the salon when you get your blond highlights and you talk about that? Is that what you talk about — ‘Hey, ’04 champ right here baby, that’s me, this is Millar, here’s my ring, I got it right here, me, Manny, Big Papi, Pedro, all of us.’ Do they know who you are?”

[Note: this was in jest, obviously. Millar was in hysterics.]

On Millar’s offer to send Harper one of his Red Sox bats

“You send it to me, I promise you right now, you send it to me I’ll use it for one at-bat in the next seven games or eight games we’ve got, no doubt about it,” Harper said. “I mean, it’s all day long….You send that to me, I’m telling you right now, you send that to me and I will use it for one at-bat. One hundred percent.”