(By Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

New York’s defensive backs were understandably happy after the Giants recorded four interceptions against Kirk Cousins and the Redskins last week.

“It’s like Christmas,” cornerback Zack Bowman told CSN Washington’s J.P. Finlay.

“Christmas,” safety Antrel Rolle seconded.

This week Rolle made his regular appearance on New York’s WFAN, and he was asked about facing Cousins.

“First and foremost, in the defensive backfield, it’s about having a mentality,” Rolle said. “If you’re prideful about what you’re doing, you will take a certain level of — not necessarily disrespect, because I think [Cousins] deserved all of the attention that he was getting. But that’s all we kept hearing about all week, how good Kirk Cousins was, this that and the other. And I took that personal.

“You know, I’m just speaking for myself, I took that very personal,” Rolle went on. “And I was going out there to prove a point, let him know that yeah, he’s a great quarterback — obviously the guy put up over 70-some points in the previous two weeks before playing us, so obviously he’s been doing something right. But every week presents its own different set of challenges. And you’re not gonna just tell us that this guy’s gonna come rip us apart like that. That was my mentality going into the game.

“I give credit where credit’s due,” Rolle concluded. “I think he’s going to be a great quarterback once he gets more opportunities. But it wasn’t gonna be that night. That was just our approach.”

Later, he was asked if the Giants had gotten inside Cousins’s head.

“You know, it was the pressure,” Rolle said. “It was the pressure up front. When you slow the tape down and you watch how we got after those guys up front, it was phenomenal. … And one thing that our coaches put a point of emphasis on is when this guy doesn’t have pressure, his passer rating is 100-something, but when he has that pressure and he gets pressure in his face, his passing rating went all the way down to like 60-something.

“So that was something that we put a point of emphasis on: make sure we put pressure in his face, get him uncomfortable in the pocket,” Rolle said. “Because if he sits in the pocket, it doesn’t matter who you are in the defensive backfield, that guy is very accurate and he’ll rip you apart. So it all started up front; those guys did a phenomenal job, and we were just able to capitalize in the back end.”