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Two politicians in New Jersey have introduced measures designed to curb use of the Washington Redskins’ name in their state, NJ Advance Media reported Friday.

The three resolutions — AR176, 177, and 178 — respectively propose the following, according to the New Jersey state legislature Web site:

• Calling on owner Dan Snyder to change the name of the team.

• Asking New Jersey retailers to stop selling merchandise that carries the Redskins name.

• Asking the New York Giants also not to sell any merchandise branded with the Redskins name, or use it in promotional material.

(You can search for the resolutions here.)

“Just enough of this stuff already,” state assemblyman Patrick Diegnan told The Post in a phone interview late Friday afternoon. “Let’s use some common sense.”

Diegnan, who said he has not spoken with the Redskins or the Giants, introduced the measures this week with assemblyman Ralph Caputo, who did not immediately return an e-mail Friday afternoon.

“I know their owner has indicated repeatedly that he has no intention of changing the name,” Diegnan said. “Hopefully this will encourage him to do so.”

Diegnan said he hopes the resolutions will pass by the end of the month, well before the Giants meet the Redskins on December 14.

“I thought this was an appropriate time,” Diegnan said.

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