(Matt Kartozian / USA TODAY Sports)

For the second time in three weeks, Kirk Cousins threw three interceptions in one quarter of a game that had seemed winnable at halftime.

Against the Giants, there were three interceptions in the third quarter. Against the Cardinals, there were three interceptions in the fourth.

In 30 career games, of course, Robert Griffin III has never thrown three interceptions. Heck, he’s only thrown two interceptions in a game twice, and one of those games was his first game back after anterior cruciate ligament surgery.

So anyhow, things are bad at the quarterback position. So bad that you might want to look at the backup’s backup? Brian Mitchell reached that point on Sunday.

“This is the NFL; you’re in the NFL because you’re exceptional,” Mitchell said on Comcast SportsNet’s post-game show. “You’re better than the other people out there. You’re supposed to be able to make plays that other guys don’t make. And I think we have to hold Kirk to the same standard we held Robert to. And if Kirk Cousins can’t get the job done, then there’s another quarterback sitting there.

“There are people on this football team that, from one to 53, are professional athletes. And too many times, as coaches and as players, we get stuck into wanting certain people to be the guy. When Robert went down, everyone said Kirk was the guy. And Kirk hasn’t gotten the job done, just like Robert wasn’t getting the job done. Well, why not move on to somebody else?”

“If you can’t get it done in the fourth quarter — when that’s when you make your name — then it’s time for them to start trying to see if the rest of the guys on this team can play. Colt McCoy is the next guy out there. I don’t see what the problem would be.

“We’re sitting at 1-5, okay?” Michell went on. “[Cousins is] 1-7 as a starter. People tell me he passed for 400-some yards; they lost. He passed for 300-some yards today; they lost. And no, it’s not all his fault. But there are things that are his fault, that he has control over going down the stretch. This game is about getting the best of the best out there, and all 53 guys are professional athletes. And until the best is on the field, then the coaches aren’t doing their job.”

Not surprisingly, it wasn’t hard to find fans who were wondering the same thing.