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We raised quite a stink in these parts a few week back when a Redskins fan at FedEx Field paid nearly 10 bucks for an expired World Cup Bud Light.

Since then, I’ve heard from other people in this area who have received World Cup Budweiser products. Here’s someone from the Warner Theater, for example.

(He confused his bottle’s born-on date with a consume-by date, so I can’t promise that this beer was actually out of date. But it was definitely promoting a soccer tournament that ended many weeks ago.)

Then, during Friday night’s Orioles-Royals ALCS game, I heard from two fans who had gotten World Cup beer at Camden Yards. The first didn’t send me a photo of the born-on date.

But the second did.

If you type that code into Budweiser’s beer-tracking site, this is what you’re told: like the FedEx Field World Cup beer, the Camden Yards World Cup beer has passed its freshness date.

(Via Budweiser)

Last time this happened, Budweiser sent me a statement, attributed to Pete Kraemer, Anheuser-Busch’s vice president of brewing and supply. Here are the key points:

Brewmasters around the world will tell you the fresher the beer the better the taste. This is because beer is a food product, made of all-natural ingredients. Freshness is one of the most critical elements affecting the taste of beer and its drinkability. At Anheuser-Busch, we work hard to ensure our customers receive the freshest beer available.

We have strict policies of quality throughout our brewing processes and our distribution network. Additionally, we have significant product quality and tracking efforts and use “Born On” date coding and a 110-day shelf life for our major brands, including Budweiser and Bud Light. The ‘Track Your Bud’ app was created as a way for consumers to interact with the origination of their beer.

We work closely with our 600-plus wholesaler network to ensure beer is handled and distributed to our product quality standards. Our wholesalers adhere to strict inventory and product rotation guidelines, using temperature-controlled warehouses and a first-in, first-out, inventory system at retail.

So you might want to repurpose your Redskins jokes into jokes about the Orioles, or jokes about Budweiser.