(Via TheBlaze)

Never let it be said that Daniel Snyder has no supporters in the media. After the Redskins owner hosted the president of the Navajo Nation in Arizona last week, Glenn Beck talked quite a bit about Snyder and the Redskins this week, both in a production meeting and on his program.

“Redskins owner Dan Snyder watched Sunday’s game with the president of the Navajo tribe,” Beck said in the meeting, which was posted to YouTube. “That’s who was in the owner’s box. You know who’s going to be in the owner’s box Sunday wearing a Redskins hat?”

“Glenn Beck,” someone offered, as Beck nodded his head and joked about wearing a headdress to the game.

“So me, being in the box of the owner of the Redskins, which one is that going to hurt more, me or him?” Beck asked.

“Him, him him,” his colleagues called out.

“This is what I like about this guy,” Stu Burguiere offered. “He’s got to know that bringing you into the owner’s box is not a good idea. But he’s doing it anyway. Because you know what, you stood up for something that’s right.”

“I love the guy,” Beck said. “I don’t know anything about him. Somebody give me some research on him so I know about him, because I’m certainly not going to be able to talk to him about [football].”

The topic also came on Beck’s actual program, when the host mocked “these white turkeys…[who] are writing these articles, these just whiter-than-white-bread white guys.”

“I love this guy, I love him,” Pat Gray said of Snyder. “Dan Snyder’s awesome. He’s just great. I don’t know that much, except that he’s stood up to this nonsense.”

“That’s what I know about him, and I love, I LOVE the fact that he just will not [back down],” Beck said. “That he’s like ‘Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, you know what, come see me Sunday, I’ve got the president of the Navajo tribe sitting right next to me.’ ”

“That’s great,” Gray agreed. “And I think he does give more to Republican candidates than Democrat candidates, and that’s why they attack him so much.”

“That’s the only reason. That’s the ONLY reason,” Beck agreed. “Otherwise you go after the Kansas City Chiefs, you go after the Chicago Blackhawks, you go after all of them. This is the only reason. And the FCC is considering fining anybody who says Redskins on the radio. I mean, Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins. I’m thinking about doing a Redskins song,” he went on, and then broke into song.

Red-skins, the Red-skins, this is the Redskins song,” he sang.

“I just wrote it myself,” Beck noted. “I’ll think about it, and I’ll sing it to Dan Snyder at some point. We can get him on the show and we’ll sing it together.”

I asked the Redskins if Beck is actually scheduled to join Snyder in his box on Sunday; I have not yet heard back.