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The Capitals shot a calendar with dogs today. Happy Friday!

“Guess what today is? #capscaninecalendar” (msefoundation/Instagram)
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If we’re being honest, it was already a pretty chill day on the Internet. Kevin Durant used the word “blankey” on Instagram. We found a way to work “The Bachelor” onto this blog. You know, normal stuff.

Then I checked Twitter, and saw this.




It’s Washington Capitals dog calendar day.

I know! We are so #blessed.

The dogs you’ll see in this year’s calendar are from Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, a local animal adoption organization. It already has posted a few pictures from the shoot to its Facebook page, if you’re interested. (Of course you are.)

The Caps are (at least?) the second NHL team to shoot an animal calendar this week; Pittsburgh players also posed for one on Tuesday.

This is where I’d normally consider throwing in some homer line about how Washington’s calendar will be better because its dogs probably whined less during the shoot, but I can’t even do it because all hockey pet calendars are special and wonderful and should always be celebrated.

This guy knows what I’m talking about.

Here’s a look at this season’s project: