We’ve known for a few weeks that Bradley Beal would be making his Eastern Motors debut this season. But I hadn’t seen Beal lip-syncing his way through the famous jingle until Wednesday night, during the Wizards-Pacers broadcast.

While it’s heartwarming to see Beal join the parade of Washington athletes who have donned that yellow jersey, I have to say this particular spot doesn’t have a ton of whimsy. Plus Beal is hurt.

In fact, the men who shared the shoot with Beal — Brian Orakpo and Jordan Reed — have both struggled with injuries this fall. That’s not a heartwarming trend.

Also, I’m going to do the exact same job for 27 more years and I’m going to write like 44 more posts about Washington athletes lip-syncing the Eastern Motors jingle and then eventually I’m going to retire and die.