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Is this blog big enough for two different D.C. sports team nickname debates at one time? Only one way to find out.

Remarkably, as national commentators continue to walk away from the Redskins nickname, one national commentator is walking backward to a nickname of yesteryear: the Bullets.

This happened Thursday night, when TNT’s excellent studio panel was talking about the contenders in the NBA’s Eastern Conference.

The Bulls “are [No. 1] one if Derrick Rose is healthy,” Barkley said. “Chicago and Cleveland, they’re the two best teams in the Eastern Conference. Then I think you’ve got the Bullets, and…”

“The Bullets?” someone asked.

“The Bullets,” Barkley repeated. “I told you man, I’m not calling them the Wizards. That’s stupid.”

“No, that’s stupid not calling them the name of their team,” Kenny Smith argued.

“That’s their name,” Ernie Johnson added.

“I told you,” Barkley repeated. “The only crooks in D.C., they’re in Congress. But Toronto and the Wizards are the third- and fourth-best teams in the Eastern Conference,” Barkley went on.

“You called them the Wizards,” Johnson pointed out.

But by this point, everyone was too busy laughing to argue.

(Via Bullets Forever and @MrMichaelLee)