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Fox 5’s Tony Perkins, a lifelong Redskins fan, says he’s giving up on the team

Some NFL results are discouraging but sort of forgettable — I would put last month’s loss to Arizona in that category.

And some NFL results are galvanizing in a much more memorable way. I would put Sunday’s loss to Tampa Bay in that category.

What made this loss different? The Buccaneers had one win. The Redskins were at home (and coming off a bye week). The quarterback played atrociously. The team looked listless and near-incompetent. The stands were half-empty. The crowd was displeased.  And the final score was embarrassing.

Now, there’s no need to get apocalyptic here. The Redskins have had plenty of horrific losses in the recent past, and it’s not like people shed their fandom en masse. When the team next plays at home, against the Rams on Dec. 7, there will still be tens of thousands of fans in the stands, and many more watching on television. The Redskins will be popular tomorrow, and the next day, and the next year, and so on.

But there are casualties from a day like Sunday, and you can count Fox 5 anchor Tony Perkins among them.

That’s the kind of stuff that happens when you get blown out by a one-win team at home.

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