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Rodney Harrison: Redskins have to get rid of Robert Griffin III

As I was leaving a gloomy FedEx Field late Sunday afternoon, I stopped a few random Redskins fans to chat.

I expected to find anger and passion. Mostly, I found resignation and weariness. And also, a bunch of people who wanted to see a quarterback change.

Now, mind you, I didn’t ask about the quarterback. I didn’t even ask about the offense. I just asked people what they thought of the game and the team.

“I’d rather see Colt McCoy than RGIII,” William Weldon said, when I asked for a one-sentence summary of his thoughts.

“I want Colt McCoy to start,” said Bryan Boyle of the District, when I presented the same question.

“Fire RG, RG is done,” said Mike Dunn of Virginia Beach.

Again, I had just asked for his thoughts in one sentence. But this prompted chatter from Dunn’s friends.

“Sit him down for a while, bring back Colt McCoy,” one friend, Samson Tucker said.

“Trade him, trade Cousins, keep Colt McCoy, and draft another quarterback,” Brian Auddette added.

“Honestly, he needs to play the season out,” Gil Carolino disagreed.

“Definitely do not start RG again,” Tucker said.

“Ever,” Dunn added. “We just lost to the worst [bleeping] team in the NFL.”

Now obviously, not every fan I approached mentioned the quarterback. But many sure did. And that’s what I thought of when I saw Rodney Harrison’s comments on NBC’s Football Night in America Sunday evening.

“He’s been in the league three years,” Harrison said of Griffin, rounding up. “If you need six more games to determine if he’s going to be your future quarterback, you need a new coach and a new scouting department. I’ve seen enough. I don’t think he fits in the system. I think you have to get rid of him.”

Even 12 months ago, such a thought would have been heresy to most Redskins fans. But I don’t think it is anymore.

“They do not have good pass protection,” fellow analyst Tony Dungy said on the program. “They do not have good coverage. They’re just struggling in all areas.”

“They’ve surrounded [Griffin] with great weapons,” Harrison said. “I just think it comes down to RGIII. I don’t think he can read coverages. The offensive line is really bad. Defensively they gave up a lot of plays. They have a lot of issues on this team.”

Now that won’t be controversial, at least.