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Chris Baker endorses Tress Way for Redskins MVP

(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

With nothing going right offensively and the losses continuing to pile up, Redskins coaches and fans alike are left searching for bright spots in an otherwise dismal season. Look no further than punter Tress Way, and then stop looking, because it gets ugly after the preseason waiver claim-turned Pro Bowl candidate.

Redskins Coach Jay Gruden praised Way during Monday’s conference call with reporters, calling him an “outstanding punter.” Since Week 1, fans and beat reporters have labeled Way, who went undrafted out of Oklahoma in 2013, the Redskins’ MVP.

Sure, it was initially suggested in jest, as much a comment on the failings of the rest of the roster as it was on Way’s performance, but it’s not a stretch to say that the NFL’s leader in punting average (48.6) has been the Redskins’ most consistently good player this season. Besides, no one ever put “MVP” and “Sav Rocca” in the same sentence. (Okay, almost no one.)

Week 1 at Houston: 5 punts, 49.2 avg., 2 inside 20

Week 2 vs. Jacksonville:

4 punts, 49.8 avg., 1 inside 20

Week 3 at Philadelphia: 3 punts, 56.7 avg.

Week 4 vs. NY Giants:

4 punts, 58.3 avg., 1 inside 20

Week 5 vs. Seattle:

8 punts, 49.9 avg., 1 inside 20

Week 6 at Arizona:

5 punts, 47.4 avg., 2 inside 20

Week 7 vs. Tennessee:

3 punts, 41.3 avg., 1 inside 20

Week 8 at Dallas:

5 punts, 46.2 avg., 3 inside 20

Week 9 at Minnesota:

3 punts, 45.3 avg.

Week 11 vs. Tampa Bay:

4 punts, 44.3 avg., 1 inside 20

Week 12 at San Francisco:

8 punts, 46.6 avg., 3 inside 20

During Sunday’s loss to the 49ers, the Tress Way MVP bandwagon really got rolling, with injured teammate Chris Baker jumping aboard.