(By Ben Margot/ AP)

To many Redskins fans, Jay Gruden’s comments about the Redskins starting quarterback on Monday left the door wide open for a possible change. This endorsement of Robert Griffin III was the temperature of congealed oatmeal. This endorsement would make “lukewarm” seem scalding. This endorsement would lose elections for unopposed candidates.

“It’s Monday afternoon at 3 o’clock, and right now we have every intent for Robert, but we’ll look at the tape and make our evaluations here shortly,” Gruden said, as our guys reported.

And so maybe Griffin starts on Sunday. But Gruden also did his weekly interview with Comcast SportsNet on Monday, and if he wanted to assure Griffin that his starting role was secure, well, he had a funny way of showing it.

“How much time can you give him to get comfortable?” Chick Hernandez asked Gruden on CSN’s SportsTalk Live. “How much time do you have?”

“Well, we want to beat Indianapolis,” Gruden replied. “We want to win every game. And I have to put the people in there who [are] gonna help us win those games. And we’re gonna seriously go down and look at this film, look at last week’s film, look at Minnesota’s film, look at Houston’s film, and try to put a plan together that will  help him succeed. Or we’ll have to find out if somebody else is there that can help us beat Indianapolis instead.”

OR WE’LL HAVE TO FIND OUT IF SOMEBODY ELSE IS THERE THAT CAN HELP US BEAT INDIANAPOLIS INSTEAD. If Gruden wanted to give himself an out, that’s an out the size of FedEx Field’s emptying parking lots.

“But I think when you have the lack of offensive production that we had, a lot of things go into it,” Gruden went on. “Sometimes protection, sometimes route, sometimes the quarterback held the ball too long. I don’t want to pin it on one guy. I  want to have a chance to sit down, meet with the whole staff and the quarterback and find out exactly what’s going through everybody’s mind. And then we’ll move forward getting ready for Indianapolis come Wednesday.”

Hernandez asked again if a change was possible.

“At this time, right now, Robert’s my guy, right now,” Gruden said.

Right now.

“We’re still gonna watch this film and evaluate what we’re doing as an offense,” he went on, “and then we’ll have to figure out what players at what positions are going to play and start to give us the best chance against Indianapolis.”

I mean, c’mon. That’s not an endorsement. It’s just a collection of words.

Earlier Hernandez had asked a more general question about Griffin’s play.

“There were times in that game where he could have let the ball loose,” Gruden said. “And for whatever reason, he’s not seeing things the way we might see things when we’ve got the film remote in our hand, and the way we’re coaching him. But the quarterback ultimately has the ball in his hands, and he sees what he sees, he feels the pressure that we don’t feel from the sideline or when we get the pictures or watch the tape.

“And it’s just something he’s got to go through, and go through his progressions, go through his reads,” Gruden said. “And he’s just got to be decisive and let things fly. Sometimes it’s not going to be a perfect wide-open receiver. He’s going to have to make the receiver open. But he’s got to get the ball out of his hands a little bit better, a little bit more decisively, a little bit more accurately. And that comes with time.”