(Photo by Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)

Last week, Nationals outfielder Steven Souza Jr. told MLB.com that Jordan Zimmermann gave him a Best Buy gift card as a token of his appreciation for his spectacular, no-hitter-clinching catch in Washington’s regular season finale.

Given that Zimmermann said he’d buy Souza “anything” and Souza joked that he’d be looking for a BMW in his garage during the excitement that followed the first no-hitter in Nationals history, there were some fans who were unimpressed with the gift. (Perhaps you were among those who thought, ‘A Best Buy gift card?! That’s something an uncle gets the nephew he sees once a year.’)

On Friday, Souza, who did not disclose the amount of the gift card, attempted to clear the air on Twitter. He repeated, as he said after joking about the BMW on the day of the no-hitter, that he expected nothing at all.