Rams Coach Jeff Fisher was fairly gracious when asked about the 2012 trade with the Redskins last week.

“At the time, it was a good decision for them, and it was a good decision for us,” Fisher told D.C. reporters. “So, both sides were happy.”

The coach also went out of his way to praise Robert Griffin III, insisting the third-year quarterback has just scratched the surface of his career.

But Fisher also talked repeatedly about the bounty of players the Rams acquired as a result of the trade, saying the club was “able to shape our roster way beyond just the actual picks that we got from them.”

And to drive home that point, Fisher sent six of those players out for Sunday’s pre-game coin flip.

The Redskins helpfully included footage of the coin flip on social media; you can see Alex Ogletree (52), Michael Brockers (90), Janoris Jenkins (21), Stedman Baily (12), Greg Robinson (79) and Zac Stacy (30) shaking hands with the Washington captains before the game.

The networks, of course, weren’t shy about discussing that trade, either.