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Alex Ovechkin wears a John Wall jersey and meets Marcin Gortat at Wizards game

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Capitals star Alex Ovechkin has been to Wizards games before. In 2009, he met LeBron James after a Wizards win over the Cavaliers. The following year, he wasn’t even the most noteworthy local pro to attend a Wizards-Lakers game, with newly signed Jayson Werth and Donovan McNabb also among the crowd. In March, Ovechkin chanted “DE-FENSE!” and posed for photos with Gheorge Mursean.

Ovechkin and teammate Evgeny Kuznetsov were at the Verizon Center as spectators again Sunday, with Kuznetsov wearing a Paul Pierce jersey and Ovechkin wearing John Wall’s No. 2. They had front row seats for the Wizards’ fourth consecutive win, 93-84 over the Jazz. This time, Ovechkin wasn’t there to see a big-name opponent, but the hottest team in town.

After the game, Ovechkin and Kuznetsov visited the Wizards locker room. Ovechkin got his jersey signed and posed for a photo with Marcin Gortat. Was this really the first time that the Russian Machine met the Polish Machine?

“It was great to meet Alex “Russian Machine” Ovechkin from Washington Capitols (NHL) MVP and best player in the league!” Gortat wrote on Instagram. “Thx for ur support at the game vs Utah. #uglyGame #weGotTheWin #dsrising”

Kuznetsov snapped a photo with Pierce.

An Epix camera crew followed Ovechkin and Kuznetsov into the locker room, perhaps to show how the Capitals teammates spend their time off the ice. Epix’s

on New Year’s Day premieres Tuesday.