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The scoreboard that depicts Braves losing to Nationals in artist’s rendering is from Nationals Park

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By now you’ve probably read that the scoreboard in the latest artist’s rendering of the Atlanta Braves‘ new stadium depicts the Braves losing to the rival Nationals, 6-3. People shared many a laugh over this amusing detail after a Braves fan pointed it out on Twitter.

Here’s the thing: the Braves were actually


the game depicted on the scoreboard. Nationals fans will recognize the scoreboard design in the illustration is identical to the one at Nationals Park. As one Nationals fan noted on Twitter, that’s because the scoreboard in the rendering appears to have been lifted from a photo during a Nationals-Braves game in D.C. The lineups have been blurred and the artist slapped a new image in the center of the scoreboard, but everything else, including the time (9:55), is the same.

The Braves suggested that Freddie Freeman would lead Atlanta to a comeback win in the fictional world depicted in the artist’s rendering.

A Redditor determined that the photo used in the illustration was from the Braves-Nationals game on September 23, 2011, a 7-4 Braves win. The Nationals’ relievers in that game? Collin Balester, Atahualpa Severino, Yunesky Maya and Henry Rodriguez. Now that’s funny.