If anyone answers uncomfortable questions for 40 straight minutes, some of the answers will inevitably be a bit off.

That said, here are the five Bruce Allen answers from Wednesday’s season-ending press conference that were the most off, at least to my ears.

Allen on improvement

“As I said earlier, I was pleased that the team fought together. And winning the Philadelphia game — although it’s just one win — was an important win. It’s a division win. The previous year, we didn’t win a division game. Our team was competitive  in our division games, and the Dallas win and the Philly game, although only two, is a step in the right direction. And our players fought in the division games.”

Allen on the past year

“It eats away at your core when you lose. But we’re going to make sure everyone understands that that’s not acceptable, and that everybody is working together in order to get success on the football field and off the football field. I do think our charitable foundation does a fantastic job. We’re winning off the field. But we’ve got to start winning on the field.”

Allen on not meeting with the media during the season

“There’s one voice during the football season, and that’s the voice of the head coach. … The coach is the spokesman for an NFL team during the season, and I would imagine 25, 30 teams probably think the absolute same way. I do talk to the fans, though. I talk to the fans on a regular basis. I know I talk more than Chris Cooley has call-ins on his show. Through different events, whether it’s a town hall or meeting them in the parking lots or communicating with them, our fans do know a lot of my thoughts and I’ve had those conversations with them. I’m available to talk almost all the time. I’m here every day.”

Allen on Brian Orakpo

“I look at players probably different than you do. I listen to their concerns, I listen to what their dreams are for themselves, and I root for the players  who are Washington Redskins. I root for every single one of them to do well. I understand that some players have limitations and some players can’t perform well at different times. But we thought it was the right thing to bring Brian back. He was a good teammate, he’s been a good performer for the Washington Redskins, and we thought it was the right decision.”

Bruce Allen on whether he’d consider hiring a GM

“If we can find a winning formula that’s going to help this team win on the football field, we’ll absolutely do it. And that includes me. If it meant mowing that lawn out there every Tuesday, I would mow the lawn every darn Tuesday. I want the burgundy and gold to win. That is my job, and my responsibility is to try to figure out how to do that.”