Above you will find a picture of Karl Alzner at practice on Wednesday, in advance of the Winter Classic.

Those sunglasses he has perched on his helmet? Alzner wore them again during Thursday’s game against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Obviously, he looked very cool.

“I was kind of thinking that it was the opposite,” Alzner said after the game. “But thank you for saying that.”

Alzner said he had his own pair ready to go Thursday, but the sunglasses he wore came in a gift bag from the team trainers. The shades were supposed to help him deal with the glare on the ice on the temporary rink at Nationals Park.

After practice Wednesday, Alzner called the sunglasses “awesome,” and said the Oakleys “did the trick.”

“They were good,” he said after Thursday’s game. That might sound like a somewhat subdued review, but everyone knows the coolest thing a human could possibly do is downplay something that is clearly cool. Can’t fool me, Karl Alzner.