Fancy Stats blogger Neil Greenberg talks about how new Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan can make an immediate impact with the team. (Jason Aldag/The Washington Post)

Scot McCloughan’s performance with the Redskins — if he’s eventually hired as the team’s GM — will not be judged on press conference quotes. But the reaction of Redskins fans to the hiring is a different matter. And if Redskins fans look at old Scot McCloughan quotes about his team-building philosophies, they will be pleased.

Here are a few of them. (See also, Neil Greenberg’s analysis of how his draft picks performed.)

2005, to Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News

* McCloughan said he has no inclination to pursue the most expensive names in free agency (think receiver Reggie Wayne or safety Ed Reed). “You go get the big name, the fans will love it,” McCloughan said. “And maybe we will at some point. But I don’t think you invest all your money in one guy when your roster looks like this right now.”

* If the 49ers get the No. 1 or No. 2 pick in the draft, McCloughan favors seeking a trade for a slew of choices, even if Reggie Bush is there to be selected. “One guy is not going to make us a 10-6 team next year,” McCloughan said. “It might make you maybe 6-10, but if we have four or five players, maybe two years from now, that makes it a 10-6 team, because now you have more depth.”

* “He has to be good,” McCloughan said of then-QB Alex Smith. “Now, he is young enough where he might not hit his peak until six, eight years down the line. What we have to do is put guys around him that can make him good sooner than later.”

* “The moves we have to make, we have to make in this first year,” McCloughan said. “If we wait two years or three years, you’re going to be kicking yourself.”

2008, at the NFL Combine, via the Boston Globe

“We don’t want to be known as a free agency team,” McCloughan said. “Our approach is that it’s a tool you have to use, a valuable tool, but what we’re trying to do is draft well and identify guys we want around and do an extension prior to free agency. We’re lucky enough to have some money in free agency, but we’re not going to spend just to spend.”

* “[Free agent splashes] can look good on paper because it’s a quick fix and fans can say, `They’re trying to get better,’ but you can’t lose sight of the bigger picture,” McCloughan said. That bigger picture, McCloughan believes, is building the core of a team through the draft and adding supplementary parts through free agency.

* “A lot of times, in free agency, you are getting guys who have been trained different, and you can’t lose sight of that because some guys have trouble fitting into the new system,” McCloughan said. “That’s why it’s so important to draft. You get your guys and you get to develop them yourself.”

* If there is a reason to extend and overpay a player – as the 49ers did for Clements and the Patriots for Adalius Thomas – it’s the idea that the addition could be the final piece to a championship puzzle. “When I was up in Green Bay, we got Reggie White and that put us over the top,” McCloughan said. “We were already a dang good football team, but it gave us that added push.”

2009, before free agency began, via the San Francisco Chronicle

* “We are going to stay in it with our own guys and hopefully get a couple of guys done,” McCloughan said. “This team…is going to build through the draft and use free agency as a tool to add players. We have to draft well and we have to re-sign our own guys.”

2010, before free agency began, via the San Francisco Chronicle

“The people that jump out of the chute quick want to get a big-name guy,” McCloughan said. “If you jump right in, you set the market. If you wait, the market comes back to you.”

2010, on the uncapped year, via the Sacramento Bee

“We’re going to go forward as if there is a cap,” McCloughan said. “As you guys are well aware, we’re not going to be considered a big free agency team anyway. But we’ll do what we need to do in free agency if we think it’s a smart move, if it makes us better. But it’s not going to change us, our spending, one way or another.”