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Redskins fans aren’t happy with hiring of Joe Barry


The Redskins officially announced Joe Barry as their defensive coordinator on Tuesday. The reaction from fans went poorly.

Now, we’re talking about sports fans on the internet here, so most things go poorly. The announcement of the blueberry as the official team berry would go poorly. And after Barry emerged as the front-runner last week, fans had already worked themselves up into a lather of seething apathy and violent disinterest toward the Chargers linebackers coach, which only increased after Vic Fangio’s out-then-in-then-out appearance as a candidate.

So fans were completely prepared to be displeased with this announcement. And when it finally arrived, they were…displeased.


Bear in mind that a great many fan responses to the team’s announcement involved words we’re not allowed to repeat, and/or poop emojis.

Still, that’s just Twitter. Hop on over to Facebook, where the responses are sure to be much more….Oh, right. Here’s the first one.