(By Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Last week, Michael Vick went to Verizon Center to see the Wizards play the Thunder. And when he later mentioned that visit on social media, he seemed to be showing some sympathy for the home team. Which seemed neat.

Since we’re often provincial here in Washington sports, this seemed like something worth noting. But before I hit “publish,” I figured I should check to make sure Vick is actually a Wizards fan. And then I got confused.

Because Vick seems pretty clearly to be a Sixers fan.

But he’s also a Wizards fan.

And a Knicks fan.

And a Thunder fan.

And he admires the Lakers.

And the Heat.

And the Spurs.

And the Bulls.

And the Nets.

And the Rockets.

And the Pacers.

Which sometimes make things difficult.

But at least his baseball allegiances are easier to sort out.

(Yes, you can say nice things about an NBA team without actually being a fan of said team.)

(No, I’m not criticizing Michael Vick for occasionally having fond feelings for multiple NBA teams.)

(Yes, people in Philly would have crushed Vick had he not supported the Sixers back in the day.)

(No, this is not supposed to be anything other than mildly amusing.)