Last season, Kansas State enticed fans to attend a women’s basketball game by offering free bacon.

This season, Georgetown is one-upping those Wildcats with something even better: free kale.

“Nothing is going to be as good as bacon,” said Georgetown director of marketing Chris Grosse, who clearly isn’t a vegetarian. “But everybody I talked to either hates kale or loves kale. There’s no in-between. So I thought this would be a good thing to get people talking.”

Indeed, kale has proved a lightning rod inside the Post Sports offices, where some have railed against kale while others (hi!) tout its delicious taste and nutritious benefits. Anyhow, Georgetown’s “Hail to Kale” night is scheduled for Friday the 13th at 8 p.m., when the Georgetown women will face Xavier at McDonough Arena.

“Kale, an underrated superfood, will be given out to the first 100 fans to enter the game,” the school said in a release.

I was hoping the first 100 fans would all get bunches of kale, but that’s not the case. Georgetown Dining is actually donating a kale Caesar Salad to the women’s soccer team, which will be manning the concession stand that night. The first 100 fans will get a free cup of kale Caesar salad, which will be for sale at the concession stand. There will also be a lemony kale pizza topping available.

Plus, the school contacted “D.C.’s best kale-serving restaurants,” many of which have donated gift cards that will be given out during the game. Lincoln Restaurant, Woodland’s Vegan Bistro, Soupergirl and Khepra’s Raw Food Juice are among the dining spots that have already contributed gift cards, which are meant to be used on kale dishes.

Of course, if you win a gift card to Lincoln, you could presumably use it on a non-kale dish.

“But that would make us all pretty sad,” Grosse said.

Also, anyone who has the letters K-A-L-E in their name can get into the game for free. All you Kathleens and Kalebs and Kaleels, get to McDonough, posthaste.

(At least seven Georgetown students have the letters K-A-L-E in their names, according to Grosse.)